Does NordVPN provide full privacy and security?

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With the growth and improvement of technology, concerns regarding privacy issues have increased as well. A Virtual Private Network or better known as VPN protects your privacy and aids in the creation of a safe and encrypted connection in order to allow branch offices and other remote users to access their secret resources in a safe and secure manner. NordVPN is the safest and cheapest VPN in the market that uses minimal information and processes it only when it is necessary for the maintenance of their services.

NordVPN believes that security of your data must be highly prioritized over everything else. It operates within the jurisdiction of Panama which allows NordVPN to avoid the calculation of the time duration on an online session. Once you submit your personal information to NordVPN, you install the software and after reading its policies relating to privacy, you enter into a legally binding relationship with NordVPN. Furthermore, if anyone faces an issue with NordVPN regarding their privacy then NordVPN has provided them with their easy to reach email address on their website.

How does NordVPN process your data?

The scope of data processing by NordVPN is very limited. Your data is only processed by NordVPN when it absolutely necessary to do so, for instance, while providing necessary services, for the functioning of the website or app of NordVPN and for processing the payments which are incurred by you for using the services provided by NordVPN.

There are two ways through which data is processed by NordVPN, such as, manually and automatically. It also acts as your primary data controller unless it is expressly noted otherwise. The only time NordVPN used a third party as a data controller for the functioning of the basic analytics of its official website and during the processing of payments that are incurred for using their services.

What is meant by NordVPN’s strict no log policy?

NordVPN guarantees a strict no log policy to its users. The no log policy refers to the fact that the time duration of your online sessions will not be logged or recorded. This guaranteed privacy policy also states that any of your activity while using NordVPN which are provided through automated technical processes will neither be recorded nor, will they be monitored by any authority or any third party. Your information regarding the online session, session time stamps, IP addresses, traffic logs, used bandwidth and other forms of data will not be stored due to the strict no log policy by NordVPN.

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Windows application interface is very user friendly – one click and you’re connected to NordVPN server of your choice – as simple as that

Your internet data is encrypted from the moment you turn on the services of NordVPN. All of your data becomes safe and is protect from ISP, cyber criminals, and third party snoopers at the moment you turn on the NordVPN software. All of this is possible because, NordVPN operates under the jurisdiction of Panama where storage of data is not required.

Does NordVPN provide the same facilities to all its users?

A user does not need to register themselves in order to use the services provided by NordVPN. However, such services will be limited and will not provide as much protection as it would to a user who has engaged in the complete functions of NordVPN by creating an account and providing their personal information. If you want to enjoy a completely secure online session, then you must create a user account on NordVPN.

What information do I have to provide while creating an account?

The only information that you need to provide while making a user account on NordVPN is your email address and your information that would be needed for payment purposes. Your email address is only required so NordVPN can directly contact you through it and share all the updates and helpful announcements or share information regarding any errors occurring in the software. By providing a valid email address, you will also be able to recover your NordVPN user account in case you forget your password.

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A few settings available in NordVPN application for Microsoft Windows – it’s all you need, really

For the purposes of payment, you need to provide your PayPal or credit card information but, that is also not necessary because, NordVPN also accepts cryptocurrency. The term cryptocurrency is used for virtual or online currency. The most popular example of cryptocurrency is Bitcoin. The payment partners and third parties involved in the payment process only use the information that is required for processing the payments and generating refund requests. If the information that you have provided turns out to be incorrect then NordVPN can terminate your account so, it is best if you provide accurate information to enjoy their services smoothly.

What other information does NordVPN process?

NordVPN also processes some other information but, it is only such which is considered to be absolutely necessary for providing their services. Keep in mind that none of this information is stored or monitored apart from the server load information which needs to be monitored to provide high quality services. Your communication and interaction with the NordVPN help centre is also recorded but, you can request for it to be deleted. Any sort of personal data is not stored by NordVPN for more than sixty days.

What about underage NordVPN users?

According to the privacy policy by NordVPN, people under the age of 18 cannot avail the services provided by NordVPN or provide any sort of personal information unless the transaction is supervised by an adult guardian. NordVPN never collects any personal information provided by an underage user nor does it reveal that information to the third parties without the consent of an adult guardian of the underage user.

Any special warnings…?

Although NordVPN is very strict when it comes to the security of your personal information but, it also warns you to be careful and responsible regarding your personal data. For the protection of your personal data and security, NordVPN uses administrative, physical and technical security measures but, it is your responsibility to be cautious while using the services of NordVPN.

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Have a look at this NordVPN speed test – connection from different country and still impressive results

Apart from this, NordVPN also uses other special tools to ensure your security. It uses automatic kill switch and DNS leak protection to protect your personal data from being leaked if the connection is accidentally dropped. For extra protection during top secret online sessions, you can use the Double VPN or Onion over VPN services provided by NordVPN. This will provide you extensive benefits and maximum security when you browse the internet.

You can enjoy carefree internet browsing without ever worrying about your personal data because NordVPN keeps it secure all the time. The best part is that when you compare NordVPN with other VPN services, you will see that NordVPN provides the cheapest services and offers a lot for the price the charge.

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