What are the top advantages of using Airbnb?

Airbnb was conceived in the year 2008. It is an abbreviated form of “air mattress B&B”, and is deemed to be the biggest peer to peer hospitality service. The platform uses the... Read more »
Social Media for business

Providing competitive edge to your business with Social Media

Effective social media management can provide competitive edge to businesses. It can help them engage the potential customers and convert them into actual customers. Managing the multiple social media platforms, scheduling of... Read more »

Tips for being a considerate Airbnb guest

Airbnb has made quite an impact in the travel and hospitality industry by providing the option of renting private properties across the world. If you are planning to rent an Airbnb property,... Read more »
Lyft and Uber

Major challenges faced by Lyft in US market

Lyft has emerged as a major player in the app-based ridesharing market in the U.S. They control more than one-third of the market and are expanding rapidly. However, it has been subject... Read more »
Uber and Bolt in Africa

Uber Vs Bolt (formerly Taxify) in the African market

Uber and Bolt (formerly Taxify) have been locked in stiff battle in the app-based taxi-hailing market in Africa. While Uber has been the industry leader and early entrant in Africa, Taxify has... Read more »
Drop formerly Massdrop

Things to know before shopping at Drop (formerly Massdrop)

Drop (Massdrop) is a unique online platform for bulk purchase of products based on the crowdsourcing model. It is a startup which was established in the year 2012. Drop (Massdrop) not only... Read more »
JotURL link shortening tool

Why and where you should use URL shortening tools?

Digital marketing is a very important element in the marketing strategy of any business. They need to share details with their customers by using URLs on different digital media platforms. Shorter URLs... Read more »
Smartlook session recording

Is Smartlook the most powerful sessions recording tool?

Smartlook is a popular and holistic qualitative analytics tool for your website. It helps to identify any issues which the end-user may be facing while browsing your website. It provides you a... Read more »
Email marketing

Relevance of modern email marketing in 2019

Email marketing is still remains a relevant marketing channel. More than 2.5 billion people worldwide access emails and are potential customers for businesses. Nearly 196 billion emails are sent globally every day... Read more »
VPN server

Latest trends in VPN industry

VPN market is thriving due to a felt need of greater online security and anonymity by the end users. It is estimated that the global cloud VPN market will grow at a... Read more »