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Outdoor gear at Drop (Massdrop)

It could be that you are excited to go out on your very first outdoor camping expedition. But you might not have an idea of the different types of camping gear that will be required for survival during the entire trip. At the same time, you should not overload your back-pack unnecessary with unwanted items, as it only increases the weight and will tire you out quickly. Hence, you need to know the basic necessities and stick to it. This is where Drop (Massdrop) may help.

Essential camping gear to carry along

Irrespective of the trip duration, you need to carry the following items during the trip:
• Magnetic compass or GPS gadget
• Water container
• Adequate food
• Proper clothing
• Geographical maps of the region stored in waterproof container
• Medical kit
• Fire lighting equipment like a lighter
• Emergency flashlight and spare batteries
• Camping tent along with accessories like pegs and ropes
• Multi-knife set
• Compact stove
• Chlorine tablets to purify drinking water
• Sleeping bag

Expert advice for newbie campers

It is essential to carry compass and maps in waterproof containers during the trip. It will be useful to visit those places which have not been visited before. Keeping safe the maps will help you to get out of remote location easily and without any pain or hassle. The maps should be stored carefully and not smudged or washed by moisture or rain.

Good deal of clothing which includes warm and cool clothes as weather can get extreme at times. Extra water and food can help and the stock should be replenished wherever possible. First aid kit can help to take care of insect and snake bites that are quite common on camping trips as well as bruises and falls. For any camping trip water purification tablets definitely should be a part. Water can be consumed from a stream or spring. Taking extra precautions will ensure safe trip. Tiny pill mixed within the water container will prevent suffering and disease.

You can spend tons of money on outdoor gear

In case, camping trip is planned in areas known to be infested with bears, hyenas and other animals, then care should be taken to store food properly in appropriate storage container. It helps to trap smell of food within the container and not allow it to escape out. This way, animals seeking food can be kept away.

An alarming device or a whistle can do lot of good to raise alarm in case, you get trapped or need assistance. Besides these, there are also other items that can be checked out and will be a necessary to be carried along on the trip. However, this will determine the type of trip that you wish to undertake.

Will it be really adventurous and daring or just some fun filled trip with family and friends? There are different outdoor camping items available that should be checked out and evaluated to know if they are required to be taken along or not. But care should be taken to ensure that the backpack is kept light as possible to enjoy the entire trip.

Some purchasing tips

There are easily available varieties of outdoor gears and hence can become a challenging task for the newcomers, especially those not accustomed to outdoor lifestyle. With some useful tips, it is possible to purchase the right items to ensure a successful and safe camping/outdoor trip.

What is required and why?

This is the very first question that you need to ask yourself when out to purchase outdoor gears. You come across a sale does not necessarily mean that it should be part of the purchase. Probably, it might not have much or little use for it.

For example, if a large backpack is desired and small sized one tends to catch the eye or found heavily reduced, then you should resist the temptation. Find out what kind of trip you will be making, where to go and the circumstances to be faced. Accordingly, you should buy equipment to suit your specific needs.

Do adequate research

Once you get to know the equipment type desired, the next step involved is to undertake thorough market research on the available products. When purchasing an expensive item like the tent, ensure understanding the required specifications and size to match needs. If solo hikes are to be done for several days, then smaller and lighter tent should be preferred.

Invest in quality products only

Usually, purchasing outdoor gears is termed to be long term investment. Hence, you need to buy for substance and durability over style. If multi-day hiking or camping trip is planned, then good quality outdoor gear is an absolute essential. Carrying along leaking tent and being out on own in the open wilderness or the new hiking boots falling apart can lead to lot of stress and also be dangerous. Hence, superior quality items are to make the list of must purchase.

Guarantee and warranty

A major benefit to purchase high quality outdoor gear is that it comes with lengthy guarantee and warranty protection. Finding lifetime guarantees for such items is not uncommon for items like backpacks. Therefore, it will be worth to do proper research and weigh initial investment value as to how much use is being planned to be derived from the items.

Where to purchase perfect gear? Is Drop (Massdrop) good enough?

Although there are several stores around that might offer variety of outdoor/camping gears and accessories, it is the online portals like Massdrop that offers a whole range. This portal is known to offer the best deal. The items sold here are good quality products and the rates are also much cheaper, allowing you to save a good amount of money on your purchase. It is also an easier and quicker way to avail all your camping gears.

The deals and discounts offered through this portal are really amazing, ranging around 20% to 80%! Few deals are even flash sales which are made available for few days. So, if you hurry, you can enjoy free worldwide shipping and get a product that will live up to your expectations.

I have to admit that Drop (Massdrop) is an addiction. You may want to stay away from it. But if you are the curious one, have a look at But, please, beware. I warned you.

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