What are the top advantages of using Airbnb?


Airbnb was conceived in the year 2008. It is an abbreviated form of “air mattress B&B”, and is deemed to be the biggest peer to peer hospitality service. The platform uses the old ways but in new ways. The use of social media and the digital technology in the marketplace offers a complete user experience with respect to the choices of customers. It has not been conclusively proven whether Airbnb actually led to a drop in hotel bookings. However, it cannot be argued that this industry has grown a lot in the last 10 years. Find out about some of the top advantages of using it.

Vast online community marketplace

This is a growing online community marketplace connecting those who want to rent out their houses to travelers who are in search of good accommodations. The users of Airbnb include travelers as well as hosts. While hosts list the spaces that they do not use and rent out the same, travelers tend to search for these accommodations and book them in as many as 192 nations across the globe. It was first designed to attract tourists looking for ways to save on their trip budgets. Today, it also attracts business travelers who want to make their travel experience more memorable.

Growing and very profitable

Airbnb raised as much as 1.5 billion US dollars in 2015, which raised the company value to around 25.5 billion USD. This helped make it more valuable than Wyndham Worldwide Corp, Parsippany-Troy Hills, Hyatt Hotels Corp and more. Read more about Airbnb benefits here https://www.coupon.surf/blog/turn-towards-airbnb-for-some-exciting-new-luxury-apartments/.

Ability to meet more varied people

Airbnb is able to benefits travelers as well as hosts. It lets hosts get the chance to meet individuals from across the globe while being able to make some additional money. Travelers can frequently stay in these accommodations for less than what they have to pay for even a decent hotel room. Many travelers also get the chance to enjoy accommodations that let them get an experience that varies from that of regular hotels. A lot of users locate the personalized service, from the customer service of Airbnb as well as the hosts. It has competitive process, wonderful listings and employees who are extremely eager to assist and can easily be reached through email or phone. You can book various places through this online community marketplace, and you are sure to love the ease of use of its website and the service that is offered.

Very competitive costs

It has mainly served tourists who are budget-conscious, but has lately been drawing in many business travelers as well. It happens partly due to the amount of money that companies are able to save on retreats, meetings and conferences. However, the unique experience of staying in the home of someone else also makes the travel experience more interesting and the expenses worthwhile. Such types of properties let travelers exchange the readymade hotel experience for an experience that provides them with a comfortable and unique space to collaborate and connect in. With Airbnb coupon code, you can save further on expenses.

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Vast number of properties

It is possible for hosts to list and travelers to choose from a very wide range of properties, which can include entire houses, houseboats, moored yachts, apartments, a suite of rooms, single rooms or even a castle. They can check out the website of Airbnb. It is possible to search the property database at any time, although a profile should be created in order to book any reservations. Trippers can get in touch with hosts with the help of an online form on every listing page, and may submit request for a request by making a click on the “Book It” button, followed by typing in important payment information through a safe, secure payment system.

Varied payment options

Travelers have to pay a fee for the guest service extended by hosts, and the fee will be 6 to 12% over the reservation for covering services such as the Host Guarantee and the customer support. Airbnb offers support for various payment options, including JCB, Discover, AMEX, MasterCard, Visa and other major credit cards, Google Wallet, PayPal etc. Some types of debit cards, which are also processed in the form of credit, are also processed in the form of credit. Until the reservation is confirmed by the host, no fee is charged to the travelers.

Free to make listings

Airbnb ensures that hosts and travelers can get a very reliable community marketplace where hosts can list, find out and book many one of a kind accommodations located across the globe. A listing can be created free of costs, and hosts are able to decide the amount they can charge per month, per week or per night. With every listing, hosts can get the chance to promote properties via photographs with captions, descriptions, titles and a descriptive user profile that lets potential guests find out a little about the hosts.

Protection for property

Airbnb, on its official website, states that hosts are unlikely to experience any problems with damage to their properties. It has a powerful Host Guarantee program that offers protection for as much as 1,000,000 USD in terms of damages to the properties covered, in eligible nations, in the rare case that guests damage them. Hosts can get peace of mind with The Host Guarantee program. However, they should go through all the important terms and conditions in order to have a complete understanding of the things that are covered and things that are not, such as pets, jewelry, rare artwork and cash. Hosts should also read and know about the steps they should take in order to claim a payment.

With Airbnb coupon code, which is offered from time to time, travelers can avail fantastic deals and discounts. The right code can help you to avail a wonderful deal on your next booking, and save money on your reservations. You may even earn some free credits for the property that you want to spend time in, even in case you have used the marketplace quite a few times before.

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  1. I love traveling and thanks to Airbnb I can travel more often. I’m looking forward to my next trip. Only a few months left. It is going to be my first trip to Hawaii.

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