Planning to be an Airbnb guest? Set your expectations


This time while traveling you have decided to stay at an Airbnb accommodation. You have heard about it a lot and have started loving the idea of staying with the locals while traveling. While you are staying at a Airbnb accommodation you should be prepared that you are not going to get things like you get in a hotel. It’s true that Airbnb too gives well-furnished accommodation and it is something like your home away from home, but it’s your home, not a hotel! So, before you travel it is good that you set your expectations and then make your booking.

Don’t expect room service at Airbnb

Airbnb is all about providing accommodation and thus you should not expect any room service at such accommodation. There can be host who provides room service for their guests but not all of them will do so. Thus, while booking if you wish to get room service you should ask the host beforehand. Once you know about the arrangements then you must proceed for booking. Once you are there you cannot change anything. Thus, ask beforehand and set your expectation before you finally go to the place.

You may be not alone there (if you choose so)

Many host shares their extra room as Airbnb and the location of such accommodations are indeed great. You may have fallen in love for that location and have booked an Airbnb accommodation but remember that although you will have your own room and privacy but you will not be confined like you get a chance in hotels.

There may be other family members of the host who will be your companion. Thus, again you should be prepared for that so that when you are there you are not disappointed.

Get local touch with Airbnb

When you stay in hotels you will get good hospitality and may be that will not be available at any Airbnb but what you will get there is a local touch. You will be able to stay with the local people and learn their culture too. This is not possible if you stay in a hotel. The manager at the hotel may try to help you out with local things but the experience of staying with local people is solely different. You can get that once you choose an Airbnb accommodation.

Security may be question

Most hotels are strict about their security arrangements but it is not true for a Airbnb host. Although they may be serious about it but anything can happen there as there will be few guest or you may be the only guest staying over there. Thus, while you stay there make sure that you have checked and read the previous reviews. If there is any question about security of staying at the Airbnb then it is better that you look for something else.

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  1. What I love the most about Airbnb is a possibility to be a local, even for a while. You can taste foreign culture, not just be a hotel guest. There is nothing wrong with hotels. I just prefer to feel more like home.

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