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MailWizz email marketing tool

Your online business has grown to the point you can’t do everything yourself. You have enough customers and subscribers then you need to find a way to send them emails and newsletters at the same time. You need an email marketing service like MailChimp or AWeber. There is a self-hosted email marketing application that can adequately handle your email marketing campaign like a pro.

Introducing advanced Email Marketing Application

There is not another newsletter system like MailWizz anywhere on the web. MailWizz has been around since 2013; many online businesses already rely on this EMA for their email marketing.

This system is reliable with all the bugs worked out, and last updated in September 2018. MailWizz comes with many features that you would have to top pay dollar to get. It comes with great support and is affordable.

Once installed, MailWizz gives you an unlimited number of email campaigns, unlimited number of lists of unlimited subscribers, and so on. Your email campaign sends newsletters to multiple websites, and they can turn into an unlimited number of customers.

MailWizz can work as SaaS and make money for you

Yes, you read that heading correctly. You can become an E-mail Service Provider, MailWizz integrates with payment services like PayPal. MailWizz comes with the needed tools to set up pricing plans, promotions, and can help your customers with orders and transactions. You can be the one charging a monthly service fee for handling your customers’ email campaigns.

Custom fields can be created for lists and can later be used to segment your email lists. Example of custom fields: (text/textarea/dropdown/multi dropdown/etc). To follow-up with prospects, you can set up smart autoresponders.

What servers to use with MailWizz?

You are not limited to what server you can use with MailWizz. Any SMTP server can be used to send your newsletters, or PHP’s mail, send mail, or directory pickup. Services like Amazon SES, SendGrid, Mandrill, SparkPost, MailGun, and many more can be used to send newsletters.

To automatically process bounces, MailWizz lets you specify bounce servers to do just that. MailWizz has automatic bounce/complaint/abuse processing when using services like Amazon SES, Mandrill. Etc, you do nothing.

To customize your newsletter tracking URLs, use tracking domains to accomplish this task. They are useful for sending domains to automatically DKIM sign outgoing emails from MailWizz.

What are the requirements?

When installing MailWizz, there are server requirements as follows:

  • Linux Operating System
  • Apache Web Server – version 2.x
  • PHP>=5.2 (php>=5.4 for high delivery speed)
  • MySQL (>=5.1) or MariaDB, with InnoDB storage engine.
  • Linux Cron Jobs access (not web crons)

Pretty basic, right? Most hosting providers meet these requirements. However I do strongly recommend using MailWizz at least with VPS. There are a lot of advantages of VPS servers like flexibility. I have MailWizz installed on VPS with Apache2 + nginx (reverse proxy) + PHP 7.2 and Percona Server for MySQL.

Additional Features:

  • Powerful extensions/theme System
  • Designed for natural extensions and themes allow for new features
  • Translates
  • MailWizz can translate any language with a great internationalization and translation system
  • Template editor
  • Code well organized
  • Built on Yii framework, jQuery, and Twitter Bootstrap.
  • IP Locations
  • For accurate statistics about your subscribers, MailWizz can integrate with multiple IP location services.

MailWizz is a newsletter service provider that is self-hosted on your local server for the ultimate in email campaigns that rock. With MailWizz you can become an e-mail service provider for your customers and earn extra cash as you go.

If you are interested in MailWizz, then go to MailWizz official website and buy it. It’s really cheap.


  1. hello, thank you for your post, can you show us how to install it on vps ? cuz they have only cpanel instructions not with vps. thank you!

    1. Hi, MailWizz installation is very fast and simple no matter what panel you have. Even if you don’t have any admin panel it’s really very easy. If you give me some details I will try to help.

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