Is Smartlook the most powerful sessions recording tool?

Smartlook session recording

Smartlook is a popular and holistic qualitative analytics tool for your website. It helps to identify any issues which the end-user may be facing while browsing your website. It provides you a complete picture of how and why your end-user are behaving in a particular manner when they are accessing your website. The key feature of Smartlook are detailed below.

Smartlook Activity Tracker

The activity tracker helps you to understand if there are any technical issues on your website which is marring the end-user experience. You can analyze if there are any bugs or other technical problems which need to be rectified to improve your end-user experience. Smartlook allows you to record your end-user sessions which shows their mouse movements, scrolling patterns, filling of forms, etc. When you address these technical issues, your website becomes highly efficient and user-friendly which provides you better engagement with your end-users.

Visitor’s Journey Logs

Smartlook allows you to capture detailed visitor logs. You can capture all your user sessions recordings and see it later to understand the issues they are facing while navigating through your website. You can visualize the user-friendliness of your website and based on your assessment, you can optimize it to improve the end-user experience. When you make changes to your website to make it more user-friendly, it also leads to driving more organic traffic to it and thereby increasing the conversion rates.

Heatmaps in Smartlook

Heatmaps are very unique and powerful feature provided by Smartlook. You can see the visual map of where the visitors have clicked the most on your website, how they are scrolling your website, and how they are interacting with different elements of your website. This will help you understand how to improve the layout of your website and organize it better to gain maximum outreach and the desired call-to-action results. If you notice that your end-users are not scrolling right to the bottom of your website, and you end up putting your call-to-action button there, then you will never get the desired call-to-action. It helps you to improve the functioning of your website and organize the different elements in the best possible manner.

Manage Multiple Websites

Using Smartlook provides you the option of managing multiple websites form a single account. You can put all your websites under tracking by using Smartlook, all in one place. You can also add multiple users to you single Smartlook account. This is a powerful feature and ensures that you do not need to track each of your websites separately as it will become very cumbersome. All you need is a Smartlook subscription and account to track all your websites in one place.

Tagging Customers

This is a powerful feature provided by Smartlook and it eliminates most of the confusion regarding your end-user. Smartlook allows you to tag all your customers. You can add their names, email address, and any other important information that will be useful in identifying them. Once this is done, you can see all your customer’s profile and can easily know when they are browsing your website.

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