Latest trends in VPN industry

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VPN market is thriving due to a felt need of greater online security and anonymity by the end users. It is estimated that the global cloud VPN market will grow at a growth rate of 22% during the period 2017-2023. The healthy market growth can largely be attributed to the growing concerns over online security. A VPN connects to the internet using a remote server and masks your real IP address online, ensuring you leave no digital footprints. The VPN industry is evolving with time with leading players like NordVPN showing the way. Some of the major trends in the VPN market are discussed below.

VPN is Becoming Commonplace

VPN was once considered a luxury and was mostly used in offices and commercial establishments. However, over time, people have started to realize that online security is a real threat and they need the protection features of a good VPN to stay safe and secure online. VPN is becoming more common even among the domestic users. This is an indicator of the growing demand for VPN services and it is expected to multiply in the near future.

Improved Gateway

The configuration of VPN gateways was always considered troublesome and costly. However, with improvement in technology, configuring it has become much user-friendly and cost-effective too. The VPN industry is steadily moving forward towards improved and efficient client management software and gateway. Now you can configure multiple VPNs easily without much trouble and cost. This feature also allows for regular policy updates and software updates. VPN companies are adding more security offerings in their plans. You can easily find VPN plans in the market which comes bundled with security features like a personal firewall with remote access or firewall with VPN gateway. This trend is likely to only pick up going ahead and become more common with most VPN service providers.

SSL Entry

For quite some time, the VPN services were based on traditional IP security protocol. However, with changing customer demands and an increased importance of online security, VPN services have started to adopt Secure Sockets Layers (SSL). SSLs are also being seen as an IPSec replacement as a VPN protocol. SSL provide good security and is easier to use. It is also ideal while deploying it to ensure that staff can access corporate resources and other web applications remotely. Considering the immense benefits and potential, most of the VPN service providers are offering or planning to offer their services with added SSL security features.

Cloud-Based Services

Cloud-based VPN services are becoming very popular among the consumers. Cloud services are the next big thing in the VPN industry. Big players are Microsoft are entering the cloud services which is making the market more competitive and better for the end consumers. Most VPN service providers are integrating the cloud services in their VPN plans to provide the latest offering and technologies to their clients. with the cloud-based VPN service, you can access internet through secure, guaranteed, single service supply. This not only provides unmatched service and excellent user experience to you but also ensures high degree of security and anonymity in the online domain.

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