Streamlining social media marketing with tools

Social Media marketing software

Social media platforms such as Twitter, Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn allow people to connect with others quickly. They are a suitable one for marketing purposes allowing the business companies to generate high conversion rates. It is possible to reach more customers through social media marketing which helps to grow a business in the markets. On the other hand, a business firm should implement the strategies properly in order to get a good response from customers.

Social media became a part of our lives

As technologies are improving day by day, business companies can focus more on accomplishing their goals with certain tools. The tools offer solutions for those who want to generate high conversion rates in social media marketing with innovative approaches. Another thing is that they show ways for targeting potential customers in promotional activities that can help to increase sales considerably.

Stackposts tool for social marketing

Stackposts is a social marketing tool primarily designed for promotional purposes which exactly fit all types of projects. The tool comes with a variety of features thereby showing ways for ensuring optimal results. Some of them include:

  • Scheduling & Automation
  • File manager
  • Multilanguage options
  • Mobile responsive and easy to use
  • Multiple accounts
  • Secure password Hashing
  • Email notifications
  • Allows users to manage schedules with calendar
  • Enables users to upload the media
  • Customizable email templates
  • Configures with PHP mail and SMTP
  • Emoji, proxy, and Spintax support
  • Advanced users and package control options
  • Image editor for editing images with drag and drop options
  • Instagram auto activity module

The tool involves no monthly charges and hidden costs allowing customers to save more money. Apart from that, it aids in influencer marketing thereby showing ways for engaging audience with high success rates. In addition, the analytics feature will help to know the performance levels of posts after posting them through social media platforms.

What is Buffer?

Buffer is another popular social media marketing tool which supports the largest social networks with a cross- platform scheduling platform. It makes feasible ways for posting and sharing content with scheduling options to get the desired outcomes. The tool allows users to create social media images with a feature called Pablo to create better impressions on viewers.

Buffer analytics is an ideal one for knowing the best and worst performing posts based on engagement and other parameters. Furthermore, the tool helps to integrate with blog feeds as soon as possible to ensure optimal results.

At the same time, the tool doesn’t allow users to integrate with Instagram. It even requires some other apps while posting images on Pinterest which results in additional expenses. There are no monitoring tools offered by Buffer and one should need another tool for making campaigns an effective one. Three types of payment tiers available for the tool and users can get more idea about them from different sources.

Buffer’s free version is not useful when compared to other tools. It even limits the number of accounts and updates thereby resulting in various problems.

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