Things to know before shopping at Drop (formerly Massdrop)

Drop formerly Massdrop

Drop (Massdrop) is a unique online platform for bulk purchase of products based on the crowdsourcing model. It is a startup which was established in the year 2012. Drop (Massdrop) not only provides you access to products at amazing deals, it also helps the manufacturers by placing bulk orders. The important terminologies which you should know before using Massdrop are as follows.

Products Available on Drop

Most product types and categories are available for sale on Drop (Massdrop), provided they have sufficient demand. Drop (Massdrop) caters to enthusiasts from a wide variety of niche segments. The products are categorized on the basis of communities. For example, the photography community will have all the products related to photography like camera lens available. If you are unable to find a specific product you want to buy, you can simply create your own poll.


In terms of Drop (Massdrop), drops refer to the products that are available for immediate sale. Each drop provides details like the price of the product, discount available, time till when the drop is open, etc. Once the drop expires, the product is no more available for sale to the members. The more the number of buyers on the platform, the lower the price of the product becomes. Once the drop ends, Massdrop sends the request to manufacturers to acquire the product and ship it to the customers. Some drops may even continue for weeks or months which means you may have to wait longer for getting your product.


Customer polls are an ideal platform for the customers to vote on the product they would want to purchase. The product can be anything from smartphones, wearables, clothes, etc. Once the minimum number of votes are cast, Drop (Massdrop) will start working out with their retailers to make the voted product available on their platform at the lowest price. If the manufacturer does not accept the order, then the next most voted product is made available. The most voted and popular polls become drops, which allows the members to purchase them.

Process of Placing an Order

You need to create an account and log into it for participating in a drop or customer polls. You can then explore the different communities on Drop (Massdrop) to search the products you want to purchase. You can see the details of the products like the price, date of shipping, time left till the drop closes, etc. which will help you to make informed purchase decisions. To participate in a drop, you need to click on the join drop option. You need to register your payment method to participate in mass purchases.

Shipping Charges

The members need to enter their shipping address to get an estimate of the shipping charges. The smaller products usually do not have a shipping charge. However, in most cases, you will be required to pay a shipping charge for the product to be shipped to you. The larger the product purchased, the higher is the shipping charges. The cost of shipping a graphics card is nearly $14, while a larger product like 36-inch computer screen will cost you more than $100 as shipping charges.

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