Tips for being a considerate Airbnb guest


Airbnb has made quite an impact in the travel and hospitality industry by providing the option of renting private properties across the world. If you are planning to rent an Airbnb property, then you must follow some basic etiquettes and best practices. You can consider the following tips for being a considerate guest on the Airbnb platform.

Communicate Honestly with Your Host

One of the most important factors of being a considerate guest is to communicate regularly and honestly with your host. Most guest do not communicate with the hosts at all after making the booking. You should reply to the host’s messages promptly and provide them as much details as possible before you arrive. It will ensure that both of you are on the same page pertaining to the logistics arrangements to be made. Communicating effectively with the host gets you off to a great start before you arrival.

Arrive on Time

You should clearly communicate your time of arrival to the hosts and stick to it. Your host would have made arrangements for you based on your time of arrival communicated to them. If you are too late it leaves a negative impression on your host even before both of you have met. It also creates unnecessary inconvenience for the hosts. If you will be late for uncontrollable reasons, then you should immediately contact your host and let them know about the new expected time of your arrival.

Decide on Bookings Quickly

When you have shortlisted the Airbnb property, you should decide on your bookings quickly. Leaving the host waiting for your decision is not considered a good practice. Many busy Airbnb hosts receive multiple queries every day and it is not good to keep them waiting for your decision. If you let your decision to book the premises linger for long you can lose out on the amazing deals which the host may be offering. Communicating your booking decision to the host quickly is in the best interest of you both.

Share any Problems with the Host

You should keep communicating with your host few days before your arrival to keep them updated on your time of arrival. Once you reach the premises, if you are facing any problems you should share the same with your host immediately. You should not wait till writing your reviews for complaining about your failed expectations. It may happen that the host might not be aware of the problems being faced by you in the first place. Politely discussing the problems with your host for corrective action is the sign of a good and considerate guest.

Keep the Premises Clean

When you are staying at an Airbnb property, you should be mindful of the fact that you are staying in someone’s home and not in a hotel. You should put in your best efforts to keep the place clean and well-maintained during your stay. Ideally, you should keep the place in the same orderly manner when you walked into it first before you leave. Your hosts will appreciate you for this considerate act.

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