Why and where you should use URL shortening tools?

JotURL link shortening tool

Digital marketing is a very important element in the marketing strategy of any business. They need to share details with their customers by using URLs on different digital media platforms. Shorter URLs are more successful in creating better customer engagement. They are visually better to look at and are also considered more trustworthy by the end users. The users are much more likely to share shorter URLs than longer ones which generally look spammy. There are many URL shortening tools available in the market which you can use for this purpose. Some of the most popular URL shortening tools available in the market are discussed below.


Bit.ly is one of the most popular links shortening tools available in the market. The user interface is quite friendly and it lets you shorten your URLs by simply pasting the link. You can quickly and instantly copy the shortened link to your websites or social media platforms for sharing. You also get features like creating customized links and tracking the performance of your URLs to know how they are performing. These features make Bit.ly very popular among the users for shortening of URLs.


TinyURL is another link shortening tool which has been around for a long time. It not only allows you to shorten your URLs but also to customize them. This helps you to do better branding and also helps to improve SEO performance. You can also add the TinyURL as your browser’s toolbar extension which makes it very convenient to use as you do not have to go looking for it every time you need to shorten your URLs.


jotURL is a comprehensive digital marketing tool which allows you to shorten your URLs instantly. You can track the performance of the links. It also provides your rich data on the users who click on your link and create their profile, which will help you in targeting them better. Using jotURL allows you to customize your links and make sharing easier. JotURL is one of the best and most effective URL shortening tool available in the market.


Ow.ly link shortening tool is very popular as it can be used inside the Hootsuite connection dashboard which ensures that all your information is stored in one place. Ow.ly also helps you to track the performance of your URLs regularly and take appropriate corrective actions to improve its performance. As it is bundled with Hootsuite which is a popular social media management tool it provides you the option of integrating your URLs into your social media posts, which makes it much easier for the end users to share.


Is.gd helps you to quickly shorten your links by just bookmarking the page. Is.gd is an extremely fast URL shortening tool which also helps you to create a QR code that can be added to your business cards, advertisements, publicity materials, etc. Using this tool allows you to check the URL’s statistics by previewing the page using the preview feature. It also allows you to create your own customized URL which helps you to create more identifiable URLs for greater visibility.

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