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Social media marketing is an essential part of business strategy in all modern corporate houses. Since this type of marketing needs special expertise, PromoRepublic has emerged as a ready-made solution for the industries of all sectors. The mission of this powerful social media management tool is to provide the best quality content for effortless media marketing on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Thus, this software is highly useful for all small businesses, new agencies, and even freelancers in different commercial fields.

Prior schedule of posting in PromoRepublic

Clients can choose specific dates and times for posting their contents on any social media site. Only a few clicks of the mouse are needed for setting the desired date and time for every posting. There is an “Autopilot” mode on this software, which helps in reaching and engaging more numbers of target audiences via social media sites. Thus, this tool can be handled both manually and automatically, for setting the posting schedules on various social media sites.

Availability of all social media sites

As PromoRepublic is legally associated with all prime social media sites. Clients can conveniently use these sites for promoting their businesses. There are stocks of more than 100,000 graphic images and ready templates in the library of this management tool. It can be used for enriching the posting contents of clients, to impress the audiences on these social media sites. There is a graphic editor tool associated with PromoRepublic for editing the stock photos, to suit the requirements of clients. It’s very easy and flexible. If you like Canva, you will definitely love PromoRepublic editor.

Postings of all sizes allowed i PromoRepublic

Normally, different websites allow uploading contents of definite sizes, mainly in case of the images, as per the terms and conditions of each site. However, PromoRepublic enables the posting of contents of all sizes to any social media site, which is connected to this social media management tool. Thus, clients do not need to worry about resizing their contents for posting on any particular site.

Saves all contents in draft form

A client may not get enough time to complete the content at one sitting, for uploading on a social media site. PromoRepublic saves all the contents and designs created by the clients for posting, in the form of drafts that can be used later. Thus, the hard works of clients are not wasted. They can use those templates for social media marketing, as per their convenience.

Clients emailed with weekly reports

PromoRepublic evaluates all the commercial postings of a client on every social media site throughout the week. Then it makes a report on the success or failure in achieving the desired results with the help of those posted contents. Thus, the clients can know whether their marketing strategies are working or not. It is based on the fruitfulness of their postings on all social media sites. PromoRepublic also recommends further actions for better social media marketing, to ensure more business for the clients.

Mobile apps for Android and iOS

Now, PromoRepublic is also available as a mobile app, for the faster and more comfortable use of the clients. This social media management tool is available for affordable prices even for startup entrepreneurs and new freelancers. Thus, they can have peace of mind with the help of this software in having automated social media marketing, leading to sure success in their businesses.

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